Getting Creative, Getting Involved

Here are some ideas from Karmina on how to get involved. To discuss these ideas and all things Karmina, visit the Bright Ideas Forum

Post, Share, Like, Tweet

Are you connected to us on the web? Retweeting, Reposting, Liking and Sharing anything related to Karmina online is friggin awesome.

Distribute Posters

Print out a Karmina poster or flyer and fill in the details for the show (time, date, venue, ticket amount), make some copies and post them!

Random Acts of Karmina-ness

Come up with your own creative ideas to spread the word about Karmina. Example: write on a stickie note and leave it in a book at a library or bookstore.

Make a Video

Make a video to one of Karmina’s songs, post it online, make us aware of it and we just may feature you on one of our social networking sites.